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Check out the following reviews of the Original Concept Cast Recording! (available on iTunes, Amazon, hard copy, or free download.)

“This concept recording will prompt many listeners to wonder when this giddy, utterly delightful new tuner will reach a stage near them. The show focuses on the populace of a small town that’s willingly suckered into believing in a miracle cure-all drug. While the recording doesn’t fully indicate how Joshua Borths’ satiric book will play, Danny Abosch’s tunes are an infectious, ear-pleasing joy, particularly the exuberant “Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of” in which the population of Silverville falls into the thrall of the titular drug.”
-Andy Propst,

“PLACEBO THE MUSICAL, written by University of Michigan students Danny Abosch and Joshua Borths is unique, clever and tuneful, venturing into new musical theatre territory never mined before…When the overture started I sat up and took notice of the strong melodies Mr. Abosch provides, showing a sure hand and a knowledge of musical theater…the score is highly promising, reminiscent of a diverse number of great modern scores with a happy nod to Broadway’s past. Mr. Abosch has a great ear for melody, creating both catchy show tunes and lilting ballads that serve the story well…the CD is highly entertaining and a strong indication of amazing things to come from these talented young writers.”
-Jason Fortner, Broadway Cafe Society

“Placebo: A New Musical, music and lyrics by Danny Abosch and book by Joshua Borths, had me feeling its effects all day, and I say this in the best way possible.

It’s been a while since I’ve been so fascinated by a show’s concept, and despite the fact that a musical of this title could easily be a one trick pony, I was surprised at the many facets of human relationships that one little pill could reveal…These details really lend themselves to some skilled, thoughtful songs, many of which explore the idea of a placebo for all its nuances.”
-Kimberly Lew, Emerging Musical Theatre

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