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If you choose to download it here for free and enjoy it, we would really appreciate an optional donation to help offset the costs of recording it in a professional recording studio with paid musicians, and producing the album. Between $5-$10 per downloaded copy would be ideal, but we are grateful for any donation!

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  • Georgia


    I’ve just found the recording on Spotify and am loving it!! Just wondering if i can purchase the sheet music at all?

    Please get back to me


  • Zoe

    I was also wondering if I would be able to get the sheet music for the show??? I am IN LOVE with this musical! So talented and great! Keep it up!

  • Catherine

    Hey! I love this music (found it on Spotify and Youtube and I’ve been listening to it for the past few days, super addicting). However, when I tried to download from this link, my computer insists that the zip file is empty. I find this hilariously ironic–the download of the music is itself a placebo!–but, as much as I can appreciate irony, I’d still like to have the music. I realize it’s probably because the file’s pretty old (and it’s been five years, totally understandable), and I can definitely get it through other sources (I might buy the CD), but I just thought you might want to know!

    • Placebo

      Hey Catherine–glad you like the music! And sorry for the trouble here–as funny as the irony is, that wasn’t our intent! Just tested it and it does seem to be working… is it possible your download got interrupted? The file should be 169 MB. Maybe try it in a different browser as well? If you continue to have trouble with this, feel free to contact us and we’ll hook you up.

  • Hannah

    Hi! So I heard a 5 second part of a song and I have been endlessly hunting to try to figure out what the song is. I kind of skimmed through all of the songs in this musical but I couldn’t find the exact part but the main female lead sounds like it. The lyrics are “you you are exactly what I needed” and its a beautiful female voice. Is that part of this musical?

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